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Product Management Training

Level up as a team and translate your shared vision into everyday activities. This training helps product teams avoid getting stuck in tactical execution and helps teams think strategically to create tangible outcomes.


The problem statement

Product teams can get stuck in a tactical execution mode. You may have gotten good at being Agile, but sprint after sprint you keep optimizing but find that you're just making small iterative changes instead of delivering transformative value.


You need this product management training program if your team is suffering from or at high risk of catching these product diseases:

Strategic Swelling

Stretched thin across many features without delivering anything at a breakthrough level.


Focusing excessively on metrics irrespective of whether those are the right ones to measure.

Obsessive Sales Disorder

Borrowing against the long-term vision to close short-term deals.


Not measuring much because it's unclear how you should measure success.



Level up your team

This product management workshop wil help you and your team level up as a team, rethink your product if you need to.

Align your team

You’ll create alignment around a shared vision and gain practical tools to spread your influence and rationale for decision-making across the organization.

Build intuition without adding processes

Without adding more rituals, these product workshops will help your team communicate with stakeholders effectively and develop an intuition for making the right product decisions.

What the training covers

session 1

craft a clear, compelling vision.

This product management workshop will help you align on the problem you want to solve, why the status quo is unacceptable, and the world you want to bring about. You’ll learn to use your vision to influence others across your organization and learn a powerful tool for prioritization.

Learn why you need a Radical Vision Statement

session 2

Translate your vision into an actionable plan

You’ll translate your vision into an actionable plan by developing a RDCL Strategy that is centered on your user and their pain. You’ll then translate your strategy into a set of metrics to measure progress, and learn to harness Lean and Agile techniques for execution with Radical Product Thinking.

Learn why a RDCL Strategy is important


people per training

$ 10,000

training cost

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