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Innovation Training

Build successful products systematically so you iterate less and achieve more. You only have 2-3 pivots before you run out of money or momentum - this innovation training helps you use them wisely.


The problem statement

The innovation mantra of “Iterate till you find product-market fit” leads to an approach that is capital intensive and often demoralizing when you don’t find market success despite several iterations. This innovation training program allows you to iterate less and achieve more, giving you and your team a clear, step-by-step process for building successful products.


You need this training if your team is suffering from or at high risk of catching these product diseases:


Switching directions often leading to confused customers and demoralized teams.

Obsessive Sales Disorde

Borrowing against the long-term vision to close short-term deals.

Hero Syndrome

Focusing excessively on scale and being big to the point of losing sight of the problem you want to solve.



Efficient innovation

This corporate innovation training will help you define the vision and strategy to drive your iterations. You’ll learn to pivot when you need to without catching Pivotitis and how you can listen to customers without catching Obsessive Sales Disorder.

Give your team clarity

Methodologies such as Lean and Agile are the equivalent of a fast car - they give you speed. Innovation workshops will help you define your destination and navigate to it so you can harness the power of your fast car.

What the training covers

session 1

align on the problem you’re setting out to solve and why

You’ll identify why the status quo is unacceptable for users and needs changing - this innovation workshop will help you avoid innovating a solution that’s a nice-to-have. You’ll gain powerful tools to create alignment across your organization and translate your vision for change into reality.

Learn why you need a Radical Vision Statement

session 2

Translate your vision into an actionable plan

You’ll translate your vision into an actionable plan for a user-centric product by developing a RDCL Strategy that is centered on your user and their pain. You’ll also learn how you can translate your strategy into a set of metrics to measure progress, and how you can integrate Lean and Agile techniques for execution with Radical Product Thinking.

Learn why a RDCL Strategy is important


people per training

$ 10,000

training cost

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