The Radical Product Toolkit

Get your product vision out of your head.

The Radical Product Toolkit is a practical framework that you can use on your own or with your team. As you work through it, you will create…

  • A clear and powerful vision for your product

  • A cross-functional product strategy based on your vision

  • A detailed roadmap for delivering on your strategy

  • Specific activities and metrics to guide execution

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What's in the toolkit?

The Vision Worksheet

Define your product vision using our simple "fill-in-the-blanks" worksheet. You'll learn what makes a good vision, and lay the groundwork for your product strategy.

The RDCL Canvas

Build out your cross-functional product strategy by defining your "RDCL": Real Pain Points, Design, Capabilities, and Logistics. You'll learn how to evaluate trade-offs between vision fit and business sustainability, and come up with a strategy to achieve your vision.

The Integrated Roadmap

Visualize your strategic goals across time, and assign them to the right teams and individuals. This isn't your standard product roadmap — it also includes sales, marketing, and customer support, to ensure alignment across all contributors.

The Execution Model

Finally, collaborate with your managers and functional area team leaders to break down your strategic activities into concrete tasks and measurable outcomes. Each metric is tied to a specific change hypothesis — no hand-waving allowed! This results in a detailed execution plan, guiding your team toward achieving the vision and building a truly radical product.

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