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The toolkit

What is in the toolkit

The Radical Product Toolkit is a practical framework that you can use by yourself or with your team. The worksheets guide you through the RPT methodology making it easier to craft a compelling vision for your product, a product strategy to translate your vision into actionable steps, a rubric to evaluate your priorities, and a plan to translate the above into activities and metrics that guide execution.

The Radical Vision Worksheet

Using a simple fill-in-the-blanks worksheet, you'll craft a powerful vision to align your team and guide your everyday decision-making.

The RDCL Strategy Canvas

Build a comprehensive and actionable product strategy by defining your "RDCL": Real Pain Points, Design, Capabilities, and Logistics.

The Prioritization Rubric

Visualize trade-offs between progress toward your vision and the reality of your business needs. Spread your intuition and decision-making rationale across your organization.

The Execution and Measurement Plan

Finally, translate your strategic goals into concrete activities and measurable outcomes. Each metric is tied to a specific hypothesis of change and guides your team toward achieving the vision and building a truly radical product.

The Book

Radical Product Thinking: The New Mindset for Innovating Smarter

The Radical Product Thinking book offers a compelling antidote to short-term thinking so prevalent in product development. Through insightful and refreshing examples from around the world, the book guides readers through through the five elements of the methodology (Vision, Strategy, Prioritization, Execution, and Culture) to develop a clear process for achieving their desired change, incorporating it into daily activities, and turning RPT skills into muscle memory.

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The Radical Resources

If you have the book, here are resources to help you spread these ideas to your colleagues. Sign up to get the following:

  • Book club discussion guide so you can help your organization adopt new a smarter mindset for innovation
  • Access to RPT meetups to get tips and share your learning
  • Access to short animated videos to help you spread your influence and new way of thinking