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Product Ethics Training

Build successful products while avoiding digital pollution or collateral damage to society. This ethics training helps you build successful products while creating equitable outcomes for society. Learn practical tools to embrace responsibility so you can build products that create the change you intend.


The problem statement

Teams are increasingly aware that products often create digital pollution by inflicting collateral damage on society. They want to grow the business while building equitable products that create a positive difference to society and the world. This ethics training program will give you a step-by-step approach for building ethical and equitable products while managing the reality of your business needs.


Unintentionally, your product may be contributing to various types of digital pollution. Product ethics training will give you a systematic approach to build products with a cleaner digital footprint:

Increasing inequality

Business models, algorithms, and products that harm marginalized communities increase inequality which erodes confidence in democracy.

Erosion of privacy

Democracy requires free speech. Without privacy, dissent and criticism of leadership can be ruthlessly thwarted, bringing us closer to authoritarianism.

Fueling polarization

People see each other as enemies and believe they need to win at all costs. Public debates become more hateful deepening polarization and killing democracy.

Erosion of the information ecosystem

Knowledge helps democracy thrive. Unfortunately, the spread of misinformation makes it hard to gain knowledge and tell fact from fiction.



Increased alignment

Your team will be more aligned after this group exercise of crafting a shared purpose as well as an actionable plan for building world-changing products.

Methodology for ethical product development

Even when teams want to build equitable products, it’s often not clear how you can be intentional and deliberate about it. This business ethics program will give you a step-by-step guide for baking equity into every step of building your product.

Ethical decision-making without altruism

You’ll learn how you can balance delivering on your vision and strategy while dealing with everyday decisions that require financial considerations and tradeoffs.

What the training covers

session 1

Radical Vision Statements behind ethical products

The vision will help you define the change you want to bring about through your product and identify why the status quo is unacceptable. You’ll also learn how you can use this vision for ethical decision-making while managing the reality of short-term business needs.

Learn why you need a Radical Vision Statement

session 2

develop a comprehensive strategy to build ethical products for an equitable world

You’ll learn to be deliberate about addressing pain points of marginalized personas, consider whether your solutions are inclusive, and develop a business model that benefits the organization while avoiding collateral damage to society. You’ll then learn how you can measure what matters by deriving metrics from your vision and strategy.

Learn why a RDCL Strategy is important


people per training

$ 7,500

training cost

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