The radical product thinking history

My journey to writing Radical Product Thinking started with a discussion about product diseases with two ex-colleagues, Geordie Kaytes and Nidhi Aggarwal. Each of us had experienced product diseases and learned hard lessons in avoiding them by being vision-driven rather than iteration-led. But without a methodology to help organizations stay vision-driven, we kept seeing good products go bad.

In 2017, we developed Radical Product Thinking as a framework with a free downloadable toolkit to help organizations systematically build world-changing products. Today Radical Product Thinking has been adopted by organizations around the world including startups, multinationals, nonprofits, and government agencies.


Your success is how we measure Radical Product Thinking's success.

The vision behind RPT is to make it easier for you to build dramatically better products that bring the world a little closer to the one you want to live in.

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